Friday, April 20, 2012


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We still need foster homes for many dogs and pups that came from Georgia and Virginia last weekend!  Currently they are being boarded. Please let us know if you can help.  The pups need the love and socialization only a foster home can provide!!


Friday, April 27 from 11:00 – 3:00 is bath day at the kennel to prepare for the Best Friends event.  We want our dogs to look and smell their best for potential adopters – shiny coats, clean ears, trimmed nails.
Can’t foster a dog right now?  Volunteers desperately needed to:
  • CARE for the dogs and pups at the kennel waiting for the Best Friends event next weekend -- any shifts welcome!
  • BATHE dogs April 27th  for the Best Friends event
  • TRANSPORT dogs to and from the Best Friends event and regular adoption events at Petco and Petsmart
  • PHOTOGRAPH pets for Petfinder
Please send in pictures of your current fosters ASAP for Petfinder !


Saturday, April 21

Sunday, April 22
Mike’s Feed Farm

April 28/29
3rd Annual NY Super Adoption
White Plains NY

May 5/6
Petsmart - North Shore Big Adoption Weekend

May 12

May 19
Petco Big Adoption Weekend


Yankee Candles
The remaining Yankee Candle Fundraiser kits will be passed out at adoptions this weekend.  Barbara will be collecting the orders on Saturday, April 21. 

Up Coming Fundraising Events

JUNE 23, 2012 Jenn A. and Tina will be doing a small event in Branchville New Jersey at a carnival day! Please advertise it is at Bently it is a nursing home. They have done this event in the past with a rescue and it has been a huge success they asked us to come this year. Please spread the word entry cost is dog food or cleaning supplies or a cash donation to the rescue.

August 3rd-12th Jenn A., Dana, Chuck A. will be at the New Jersey State Fair aka Sussex County Farm and Horse Show in Augusta New Jersey. I did the fair last year for another cause it can be a long week because of the heat. We are looking for people to come for three hours to vol. at our tent to relieve the people that are there. If you are interested in helping on a day please send me an e-mail so I can get the day you would like to help. The cost is $5.00 but I need to know the exact day you will be attending.   NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED AT THIS EVENT. It is strictly a fundraising tent. We will have a power point presentation off all of our animals, I will need pictures of all dogs after best friends event. If your foster gets adopted it will be much easier to take out of power point then having to add so many last minute.

Please e-mail me at

Thanks for all your help
Jennifer A


Adopted from our newest foster home…
I just wanted to update you on Maggie. She is the sweetest little puppy. She is going to the vets tomorrow. I have to say that she is the closest thing to a baby. She lays in my arms belly up all the time. She plays hard, and then sleeps in her little bed for about 2 hours and we begin again. I will bring in pictures of her on Monday. Our older dog, Molli, has learned how to stand like a cow and pretend she is giving milk to Maggie. The two of them cuddle up at night when Maggie decides to walk over to Molli's bed. Our other dog, Aubrey, is the dog Maggie is learning to play with. They play tug o'war, and Maggie chases her through the yard trying to keep up. I am getting my exercise at the same time. We are very happy with Maggie. The whole family loves her and she has become our lap dog. She has such a pleasant personality. Thanks for pulling on my heart strings daily by bringing in the puppies.

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