Why Choose Pet Adoption?
     Every year approximately 8 MILLION cats and dogs end up in shelters across the US. More then half of these animals do not make it out alive, because there is just not enough space. Typically these animals end up in overcrowded shelters, for no fault of their own. When you adopt from a shelter or a rescue group you are saving not only one life, but two. You are Saving the life of the animal you adopt, and you are freeing up a spot for another animal who desperately needs it.  

Where Does P-U-R-R-S...N' Pups Animal Rescue Team come in?
     Purrs N' Pups Animal Rescue does not own a shelter. Purrs N' Pups has a foster care system.  We rescue our Animals From High Kill-Shelters In the United States. We are only able to rescue what we have fosters for. The animals are Transported and Transferred in to our rescue. When an animal comes in to our Rescue, we place in a foster home until it is ready for adoption. Our animals are placed on and attend our adoption events.


Adoption Process:

To adopt from P-U-R-R-S...N' Pups Animal Rescue Team you must meet our requirements for the animal you are adopting.

1. When you find a pet you are interested in, at one of our adoption events or from our web site, Simple fill our an Application Online or At our Adoption Event. Online Adoption Application

2. When you are finished filling out you Application Please double check over the information, and make sure you have completed everything. Not doing this will result in a delay of your adoption Process.

3. After filling out your Application a Volunteer will be in touch with you shortly, to let you know if you have been approved or not. (Please allow up to one week for this, As we are all Volunteer and work Full time jobs as well.)

4. If you are Approved by an Online Application, a volunteer will Place the animal on "HOLD" and make arrangements for you to meet the animal and finish the adoption Process. If you are Approved at an adoption event, you will move on to step 5.

5. Lastly, you will go over your contract with a Purrs N Pups volunteer. You will receive all of the animal's medical history. You will also sign the contract and Pay the Adoption Fee.

6. Bring your New Friend Home! :)

Adoption Fees

Puppies- The adoption fee for a puppy is $325 if the puppy is already fixed. This fee includes; Microchip and registration, transport, age apporate vaccines, dewormings, spay/neuter, and a month of pet insurance.

Dogs (1 year+)- The adoption fee for Adult Dogs is $275 if the adult is already fixed. This fee includes; Microchip and registration, transport, vaccines, dewormings, spay/neuter, Heart worm testing, and a month of pet insurance.

Cats/Kittens- The adoption Fee for Cats and Kittens is $100 if the cat is fixed. This fee includes; Transport, ageage appropriate appropriate vaccines, spay/neuter, dewormings, Feline AIDS/Leukemia test, and a month of pet Insurance.

If an animal is NOT fixed there is an additional $50 deposit. This Deposit is fully refundable after you get your pet fixed. Also, you will receive A Friends Of Animal Certificate. The certificate covers the cost of a routine spay/neuter procedure including a cursory (not full) surgical pre-exam, anesthesia, surgical procedure, waste disposal, day of surgery post-operative care and pain-relief, hospitalization as required, and stitch removal if necessary. (At participating vets ONLY)