Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black Animal Syndrom!

Black Animal Syndrom, occurs daily through out the US. Black Dogs are usally the last to be adopted and the first to be put to sleep. Currently our rescue has rescued many black animals from kill-shelters down south! SOme we have had for months other week. But unforunatlly they will still be the last looked at. Even if their personalites are fantastic! Take a fe minutes to look at the "Black" Animals posted on our Website You Should also take the time to watch this video created by The Black Dog Rescue

MOMMA BETTY: Domestic Medium Hair-Black, Cat; Andover, NJ
She is only a few years old. She was found as a stray Pregnat Cat. She had been lingering around someone's house for almost a year. She was scared, and alone and now pregnant when the ownner of the house tried again to rescue her. Tired, cold, and pregnant she gave in and jumped in the car. She is now being foster by her Rescuer and had had kitten who have alll been adopted. Betty has been in the rescue since Febuary, and has been up for adoption Since April. She has still yet to find a family! Please Consider Looking at Betty, she will bring you no bad Luck!!

Male- Lab mix?
He is submissive. he is very sweet when he warms up to his new friends and surroundings. He is being retured by his OLD family and is looking for a new home.
Guinness: Labrador Retriever, Dog; Andover, NJ

Lab mix
about 6 months old
Pebbles was rescued from a kill shelter in may when he and his sibblings where about 10 weeks old.  They were on the top of the list to be ethinized. Fortantually they were rescued. All of hs sibbling have been about and Pebbles is the last one left. He is still just a puppy and would love to have a yard to just run around and burn some energy. He's also love to bond with his new family at some puppy tranning classes! Consider Pebbles. He has been beeing ove looked for months now!!
 Pebbles: Labrador Retriever, Dog; Andover, NJ

These are just 3 of our Dogs with Black dog Syndrom! and One of our cats With Black Cat Syndrom!! Please!!! Don't over look them! They all need a home!!! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scoop Week of 9/12-9/18


Lily and Lacey


This week (9/17) Adoptions Will be held at Mt. Olive Pet Smart From 12pm-5pm
                   -Volunteers will be needed a half hour before adoptions to set up
                    - Volunteers will be need to help potental Adopters Find the right match, walk dogs, make sure all animals have waterand clean messy crates throughout the day
                     - Volunteers are need to help clean up after adoptions

Next Week

  Adoptions at Pet Good In Succasunna. 12pm-5pm
  -Volunteers are needed a half hour before adoptions to set-up
 - Volunteers are needed throughout the day to help potental Adopters, walk dogs, clean messy crates/pens and make sure all animals have water
 -Volunteers are needeed to clean-up or help transport dogs back to foster care

RidgeWood Adoption Event
Details to Follow


Puppies/Young adults under 1 year = $325
Dogs over 1 year = $275
(plus $50 spay/neuter deposit when applicable)

Thank You to all Current Purrs N Pups Volunteers and Fosters For all That you Do!!! "Every little bit of helps makes a big differance to each tiny heart!!!"

What is Purrs N Pups?

Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue that was founded to help homeless, abandon,  and unwanted cats and dogs find Loving FOREVER homes! Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue is run mainly by temporary placing animals in generous voluntary foster homes. From there Adoptions are held at various places that support Adoption Events, such as Pet Smarts, Pet Co's, Pet Goods, Mikes Feed Farm, and many other places. There is at least one adoption event held each week; usually on Saturdays.  Our adoptive home are screened very well before being approved to adopt an animal. Each pet has requirements, and will be placed accordingly to those needs.  There are always animals in need of finding a FOREVER home or FOSTER home!