Happy Tails

This Page is dedicated to all the animals that have found Forever homes through Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue! All of the animals on this Page have been Adopted From Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue!

If you adopted a Friend(s) from Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue, and you would like to see your Friend(s) on this page, send Pictures and an update to bahillman211@aol.com. If you remember the year/date you adopted and the name of your Friend when he/she was adopted include that as well! (We will not include any last names, phone numbers, emails or any other personal information on this page.)

Happy Tails!

Taken From Here
Alia (Fata) Has ajusted nicly into her new home! Her new family ADORES her and LOVES her so much! 

Just to let you guys know how well Gillian-Blossom is working out!  She is really smart, well behaved, and so loving - such a cuddle bug.  We really love her.  She and our other dog get along great and it only took them 2 - 3 days to get in sync.  They play all over the house and outside with lots of naps in between. Gillian ignores the cat who long ago learned not to make suden moves in front of dogs. She is making good progress in house training and our goal is have this set by year end. She likes to do what our other dog does so this is a big assist!  Thanks for keeping her safe and happy for those months so she could become part of our family! The initial training done with her stuck nicely and helped her transition.  That nice write up on your web site really got our attention.   We were without power for 7 days so I am just getting to this.  We'll send a picture soon.

all the best, Louise

The First Picture is of Molly (Sage when in your care) the day that we adopted her. The second picture is of Molly curled up on her favorite couch. She is such a wonderful dog! I am so grateful that Purrs N Pups was able to save her mother when she was pregnant!! :) Molly is such a smart dog! Thanks Purrs N Pups!

We adopted Scout in December, 2010.  He is a great pup and makes a wonderful
addition to our family.  Thanks, Purrs n Pups - especially Caren and the

"Just wanted to let you know that Sloopy is doing AWESOME! She adores her big great dane brother, Tucker and fortunately he's being a wonderful role model and also getting a little bit more of his playful side back! Thank you again- she is very loved, very well taken care of and really, really smart with training! Here are some pictures of the best buds!

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